Very rarely things I write are actually published in reputable places. Here is a (hopefully growing) list of such occurrences.


July 25, 2014 :: “The Satan Brothers” Juked
January, 2014 :: “A Story About Werewolves and Vampires” birdville magazine
November, 2012 :: “Richard Nixon” The Well & Often Reader
October, 2011 :: “Postmodern Haircut” 6 Tales (archived)

AV Club Twin Cities

POSTHUMOUS NOTE: Sadly, the A.V. Club Twin Cities no longer exists and the pages containing my work as well as the work of many other awesome writers have been scrubbed from existence. Please be assured though that they did exist at one point and were quite hilarious and insightful. I have reposted probably the most important piece I wrote there to this blog, probably violating some sort of copyright.

1/23/2012 :: Can Al Franken rebound after supporting PIPA? (Reposted on this here blog!)