Hello, a couple of exciting things to post:

First, my short story “Richard Nixon” was recently published by the fine folks at the Well & Often Reader. Please give it a whirl if you are a fan of incoherent rambling, the abuse of the homeless, or high speed police pursuits.>LINK<

Second, I currently edit a small literary journal called Bellows American Review, and we recently published our second story, Uncles by Ross McMeekin, as well as a short interview with Ross. Read them for your own health and prosperity.

Lastly, on that note, if there are any fiction writers out there looking for a place to be published we are currently taking, and in need of, submissions. We may be small but I promise that your work will get a fair shake with us. Submit here.

Well, that’s all I got at the moment folks. Keep tuned for more in the near future!